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2016 SJJIF World Championships Results at Pacific Top Team

2016 SJJIF World Championships

The Pacific Top Team Group at the 2016 SJJIF World Championships.

When it comes to recognizing the effort of and accomplishments of our team, our motto is “it’s better late than never.” That’s why we’d like to give a shout out to the competitors from Pacific Top Team at the 2016 SJJIF World Championships, which took place in mid-November. The Sport Jiu-Jitsu International Federation is a decades old organization that, among other things, decides on the criteria for receiving jiu-jitsu belts.

This year’s World Championship was held in Long Beach, CA, allowing many PTT competitors, kids to adults, to participate. We were among many other great martial artists – over 3000 athletes competed, representing 45 countries from around the world!

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Youth Competitors

First, our youth competitors. Congrats to the following kids on their hard work and drive to succeed!

Nautica Rodriguez (silver)
Ivan Rodriguez (bronze)
Sophia Zika (bronze)
Nate Moore
Daniella Dorantes
Kenney Suvillas

We applaud those who won medals, but we’re proud of everyone for taking the step to compete on a big stage!

Adult Competitors

Pacific Top Team had a range of adult competitors at the SJJIF World Championships. We certainly enjoyed a ton of success, and we’re proud of such a strong showing from our gym!

Emily Shiel had an incredible tournament, earning four gold medals in Division and Absolute, Gi and No-Gi. Great work Emily!

There were plenty of other medals to go around, and all of our participants had success on the mat. Congrats to all the following competitors:

Women’s Division

Kim Pruyssers (Silver, Division Gi)
Maria Jesus Rojas (Gold, Division Gi)
Adriana Cardenas (Silver, Division Gi)
Camila Valdes (Bronze, Division Gi)
Adrienne Smith
Evelyn Villagas

Men’s Division

vPablo Rodriguez celebrates after taking Gold at the 2016 SJJIF World Championships

Pablo Rodriguez celebrates after taking Gold in Division No-Gi! Pablo had a great tournament, earning 3 medals over the weekend!

Fabian Soto (Bronze, Division Gi)
Ricardo Rodriguez (Bronze, Division Gi)
Pablo Rodriguez (Silver, Division Gi; Bronze, Absolute Gi; Gold, Division No-Gi)
Javier Benito (Silver)
German Perez
Jeremy Reed
Ron Riedell (Gold, Division Gi)
Ryan Smith (Silver, Division Gi)
Eric Alvarenga
Chris Corros (Silver, Division Gi)

Adrian Pascua

Our great success at the 2016 SJJIF World Championships is a testament to everyone at PTT, not just those who competed. These competitors train and compete many times a week on the PTT mats, honing their craft and preparing to meet tough competition. The drive and dedication of our entire Pacific Top Team family are what make these results possible!


Lastly, there were a number of promotions this tournament. Congratulations to the following Pacific Top Team members who took the next step in their jiu jitsu journey!

Professor JP Garcia with Ivan and Nautica after their belt promotion at the 2016 SJJIF World Championshps.

Professor JP Garcia with Ivan and Nautica after their belt promotion.

Coach Kim (Purple)

MJ (Blue)

Ron (Blue)

Chris (Blue)

Ryan (Blue)

Nautica (Solid Gray)

Ivan (Solid Gray)